tile-filezilla-serverFileZilla is without doubt one of the best FTP clients available.
It is simple to use and has everything that most developers and admins could possibly need to quickly access and transfer files to remote locations. For some, it may become tiresome to have to add the same details into site manager over and over again on different computers, especially when multiple sets of details need to be added.

Backing up your FileZilla site manager is not only a good idea to guarantee no valuable information is lost, it’s the best way to set up FileZilla after new installations.

The backup

The simplest way to backup FileZilla’s site manager is using the export option in the File menu. All you have to do is go to the export option, choose ‘Export Site Manager entries’ and choose a name for a backup file as well as the location to save it to.

This will create a backup xml file containing every FTP server stored within FileZilla as well as the password and login credentials required to access each one. This file can also be used as a complete list of details to access manually for other tasks.

Restoring FileZilla site manager

When you need to restore the site manager, you can use the import option found in the File menu, choose the XML file you created by exporting and the FTP details will be instantly restored.