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WordPress: The ultimate mobile theme switcher

Switching between a standard and mobile theme is probably the easiest way for most WordPress developers to create a mobile web experience for their users. Although there are a lot of different ways to go about this, most like to opt into a plugin to do the job. To save a lot of time and […]

Backup FileZilla site manager

FileZilla is without doubt one of the best FTP clients available. It is simple to use and has everything that most developers and admins could possibly need to quickly access and transfer files to remote locations. For some, it may become tiresome to have to add the same details into site manager over and over again […]

WordPress: memory exhausted

One of the few drawbacks of WordPress is that it loves to use a lot of memory. This can become an issue when the memory allocation for PHP is low (often 32mb on various hosts). Although some WordPress installations may not be affected some will be, due to things like resource hungry plugins and widgets […]

Code block after / within elements

The following will allow you to add a particular piece of code either within or after any HTML element on the page, for example, place 1code after all 1<h1> tags on the page. A perfect example of this would be the above social networking links next to the main heading on this page. They are […]

WP: Auto line spacing below text

A common problem that users share with WordPress is an extra spacing between lines of text, visible in both the design view and the live url version of the website. Although this problem is easily rectified using the code view of WordPress, it can still be a major issue for those who have little or […]