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The Monsanto situation, issues with GMO food

Monsanto is one of the most scrutinised companies in the world, seen as the epitome of corporate greed and evil. Despite global protests against it’s actions and products, along with other similar purposed companies, Monsanto continues to expand and dominate the global food industry, and now has it’s hands in a sometimes majority portion of food production. […]

Troubleshooting yucca problems

Yellowing leaves Yellow yucca leaves are an issue most commonly attributed to overwatering. Most yucca varieties require little water and are generally happy with a generous weekly watering in summer and a decent monthly watering in the cooler months. Yellow yucca leaves can also be caused by a lack of direct sunlight. Gray or brown […]

Dandelion, a medicinal herb?

Dandelion is possibly the most famous, yet least understood of all medicinal herbs. Common in many backyards across the globe, often played with by children and usually considered to be a weed, the dandelion has left most completely unaware of its excellent array of both medicinal and culinary uses. Description The Dandelion (Taraxacum officindale), a […]

How to cure a peptic ulcer quickly and easily

Stomach ulcers or peptic ulcers (gastric and duodenal) are in most cases extremely difficult to heal and leave you feeling sick and horrible with no end in sight. Many ulcer sufferers spend years fighting a seemingly endless battle against their ulcer with little to no results and often take the surgical route which on occasion is […]


Hydrotherapy, or, water therapy is the use of water to promote healing. It is one of the oldest, simplest and most effective of all the natural therapies. Water treatments include taking natural spring waters internally for their beneficial mineral content, and external treatments such as bathing, douches and taking exercise in water. Water cures originated […]