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Guide to growing loquat

The loquat, originally from China is a fruiting tree, often grown for ornamental purposes with large green leaves and small yellow or orange fruit. Loquat trees are generally drought tolerant and effectively grow in a wide range of climates thus contributing to their spread across the globe. With the potential to grow to around ten […]

Growing roses from cuttings

Growing roses from cuttings is a task that many have made out to be highly difficult needing high amounts of skill and effort to achieve. This page has been constructed

A complete guide to worm farms and worm farming

Considering the many benefits of worm farming, every household should have a worm farm set up. Worms can eat up to half of their own bodyweight in rotting organic matter every day. This means that 1000 worms can chomp through the food scraps of one family member per day, thus drastically reducing household waste. The […]

Growing lavender

A native of the Mediterranean, lavender is used for its essential oils, cut flowers, aromatherapy and even for medicinal and culinary purposes. This popular plant is extremely easy to grow, and can provide a constant supply of fresh flowers and leaves throughout the year with very little effort.   Planting lavender Lavender will tolerate many […]

Growing the biggest best roses

Have you ever wondered why some of the rose gardens you see have such beautiful large healthy roses growing in them, yet your own roses are only small growing and only pop up once in a while? There is no major secret to growing the perfect rose, no tricks, just good know how. Read on […]