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Troubleshooting Jam Problems

There many different problems that can occur when making homemade jam and marmalade but hopefully your questions will be answered here. It can be a bit of a guessing game when it comes to these issues, sometimes you will just have to experiment with each possibility and trace your footsteps. Dull cloudy appearance:(a) Under-ripe fruit […]

Mixing Cocktails

The most important tool you will need to create a cocktail is a cocktail shaker. It doesnt really matter what size or shape the cocktail shaker is, but it certainly helps if it has a built in strainer to stop ice from falling into the cocktail when you pour it. In most cases ice is […]

How to paint render

The equipment you will need to paint render is as follows: Paint – Best to use outdoor acrylic, semi gloss or low sheen. Hose/broom Thick paint roller Paint brush Paint tray Masking tape Drop sheets Preperations Before render is painted, the general work area must first be cleaned and prepared accordingly. To avoid any unwanted […]

Legal guidelines for labelling and packaging soap and cosmetics

There are substantial amounts of information to obtain regarding legal guidelines, packaging and labelling of soap and cosmetic products, and thus trying to piece together this information to protect your business can be both difficult and tiring. This article has been compiled in an effort to make this task a lot simpler and provide as […]

How to survive and enjoy Winter

Winter for many, can become a dreary and borderline miserable time of year. Spending most of the season trapped indoors begins to get boring really quickly, and we often find ourselves desperately awaiting the dawn of Spring to lift our spirits. It may seem odd, but there are those who favour Winter above all the other seasons. They […]