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Control your desktop or laptop using a mobile device

The ability to control a computer from a mobile device comes with great benefit, and allows us all to be a little bit lazier. Using the Unified Remote app and server software, Windows, Mac and Linux PCs can be controlled via your phone or tablet using a series of custom controls. These include a mouse […]

Migrating from Microsoft Office to Google Drive

Microsoft office has been an industry standard in both the home and professional environment for over a decade. With that said, making the switch to Google Drive and it’s suite of software can be extremely daunting. Almost every PC user is dependent on Microsoft Word and Excel for common tasks, but these programs are easily […]

How to make HP printers ignore empty cartridges

A common problem that many HP users stumble across is the fact that the printer will not allow the user to print when a cartridge runs out, even though the user may not require that specific colour.HP printers will often miscalculate how much ink remains in a cartridge and thus new ink would need to […]

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware guide

Malwarebytes anti-malware is an extremely effective virus removal tool that can seek out and remove many different kinds of malware, and, as with most anti-virus programs, Malwarebytes is very easy to use. Malwarebytes should be updated before each scan. This ensures that any new threats are added to the scan list. To update the software, […]

Free Easy Burner Tutorial

Free easy burner is an excellent disk burning program that is capable of burning most formats and is comparable to programs like Nero, without the expense. Audio CDs Go to the Audio CD option at the top of the screen. Use the Add files to project option at the left to search through your audio […]