Winter for many, can become a dreary and borderline miserable time of year.
Spending most of the season trapped indoors begins to get boring really quickly, and we often find ourselves desperately awaiting the dawn of Spring to lift our spirits.

It may seem odd, but there are those who favour Winter above all the other seasons. They understand all of the things that make this time of year great.
For the rest of us, we need to embrace these perks, and lift our chins!

Get warm

It was once put to me, “Would you rather get warm in Winter, or cool down in Summer”.
Despite always being more of a Summer type, I still decided that it was better to get warm in winter.
It really is difficult to dismiss the greatness of blankets, fires and thick clothing when Winter strikes.
Add on the layers, and take every opportunity you can to gain some extra heat.

New socks

It is amazing that such a small thing can make such a huge difference in your life. Brand new, unworn, unwashed socks are warm, soft and fluffy, they make any Winter day so much more pleasant.


Even if they are just for around the house, hoodies are pretty great. They keep your head warm and help to shield you from rain when you go outside. If you don’t own a hoodie, perhaps it’s about time you go get one.

The Food

Winter food can warm up a cold evening. Incorporating seasonal vegetables like zucchini and squash into your recipes adds a special Winter touch. Dont forget to make a soup once in a while as well.


Winter drinks

Everybody knows the quickest way to warm up is with a warm drink right? Tea, coffee and cocoa are all favourites, so drink them often.
Grab a coffee when you’re out to warm your shopping trip and commute, and have a cup of tea to relax at home.
You could always cap off your evening with a glass of red wine too once in a while.


Being stranded indoors isn’t always a bad thing. What better excuse to curl up with your favorite book or relax and watch a movie.
If you want to get outdoors, a barbeque or bonfire help to increase the heat a bit.

There is always so much to do in the warmer months, but the cooler ones can be interesting too.
An excursion to an art gallery or a movie at the cinemas is an easy way to brighten an otherwise gloomy day.