Position backstretch.js to top center of the viewport

As great as backstrech is for most purposes, it can be inconvenient for some as it targets the very center of an image when the viewport is smaller than the original image, both vertically and horizontally (see image above). For general background images like landscapes, patterns etc, this is ideal, but for pictures that include […]

WordPress: The ultimate mobile theme switcher

Switching between a standard and mobile theme is probably the easiest way for most WordPress developers to create a mobile web experience for their users. Although there are a lot of different ways to go about this, most like to opt into a plugin to do the job. To save a lot of time and […]

Control your desktop or laptop using a mobile device

The ability to control a computer from a mobile device comes with great benefit, and allows us all to be a little bit lazier. Using the Unified Remote app and server software, Windows, Mac and Linux PCs can be controlled via your phone or tablet using a series of custom controls. These include a mouse […]

Migrating from Microsoft Office to Google Drive

Microsoft office has been an industry standard in both the home and professional environment for over a decade. With that said, making the switch to Google Drive and it’s suite of software can be extremely daunting. Almost every PC user is dependent on Microsoft Word and Excel for common tasks, but these programs are easily […]

Backup FileZilla site manager

FileZilla is without doubt one of the best FTP clients available. It is simple to use and has everything that most developers and admins could possibly need to quickly access and transfer files to remote locations. For some, it may become tiresome to have to add the same details into site manager over and over again […]