The ability to control a computer from a mobile device comes with great benefit, and allows us all to be a little bit lazier.
Using the Unified Remote app and server software, Windows, Mac and Linux PCs can be controlled via your phone or tablet using a series of custom controls. These include a mouse and keyboard control, as well as a multitude of other custom remotes for your favorite desktop or laptop tools and media centers.


Considering Unified Remote’s wide support for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs, it comes as no surprise that its mobile support covers Android, Windows and Apple devices as well. Having such strong OS support enables just about every user to make use of this application.
The only downside to Unified Remote’s support list, is that it does require both your phone / tablet and your desktop or laptop to be connected to the same network to function. This shouldn’t be a problem for most users, but a few have definitely been left out.

Its oddly easy

The true beauty in Unified Remote lies within its ease of use, as well as the absolute simplicity of the original setup. Installation only takes a few minutes (not even exaggerating), with the two main steps being to install the app and the server. It pretty much just works after that.

Free vs paid app

There does happen to be a paid version of the app alongside the free one, which contains additional remote controls to use on top of those on offer for free, and some additional settings.
Luckily the free version does contain some of the more fundamental control screens like the mouse and keyboard that most users would depend on. Unfortunately there is not a free version of Unified Remote for Windows Mobile users.

Get it

Step 1

Install the server software on your desktop or laptop. You can get any version you need from the Unified Remote download page { }.

Step 2

Install the app from your appropriate app store, Android, IOS, Windows Mobile.