A common problem that users share with WordPress is an extra spacing between lines of text, visible in both the design view and the live url version of the website.
Although this problem is easily rectified using the code view of WordPress, it can still be a major issue for those who have little or no coding knowledge, ie client websites.

This problem is actually a result of each line of text being automatically converted into its own paragraph, leaving the default line spacing between paragraphs.
Recent versions of Microsoft word along with many other programs also incorporate this feature when the enter button is pressed, but most users know how to fix or work with it.

Luckily there are two ways to solve this problem, both of which are extremely simple.

The first way to work around the extra line spacing is to hold shift when pressing enter. This tells WordPress that the following line of text will be part of the same paragraph as the previous line.

This method can be useful as it allows the user to quickly and easily add both paragraphs and new lines without pressing enter multiple times or going into the code view.

If the above method is for any reason inappropriate for your needs, you can edit your theme